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Accelerating your sales and conversions objectives starts with a simple chat

Easily build and deploy automated, personalized chat experiences on Instagram, Facebook and LINE, optimized for your growth and sales objectives.

AI-generated conversation

Unlike other chatbot solutions, creating end-to-end chat sequences is quick and simple.

Our generative AI conversation journey building feature enables you to create personalized chat sequences for any scenario in less than 10% of the time it would take using a manual builder.

  • Generate chat sequences for any scenario within minutes
  • AI generated responses are editable to match your brand voice

Organic engagement

Generate more than just likes and views from your posts and stories.

Enable your social media content to initiate direct conversations with your followers and customers to drive deeper engagements and accelerate conversions.

  • Enable your posts and stories to initiate fun quizzes, make product recommendations, offer special promos etc…
  • Instantly subscribe visitors to future promotions or add them to retargeting campaignsOrganic social chat experiences can also be initiated directly from your website.

Social nurturing

Nurture and re-target customers without the need for emails or cookies.

Create scheduled or trigger-based push notification sequences to start or continue the conversation with your customers.

  • Custom feature only available on the ZEALS platform
  • Automatically notify customers of special officers and promotions
  • Update customers on inventory status and new products that match their preferences
  • Hyper target specific customer segments
  • Set the cadence and schedule of your push notifications

Zero-party data collection

Capture customer insights and attributes through personalized chat experiences.

Automatically capture demographic information, intent, intents, and more through simply chatting with your customers.

  • Automatically capture zero party data to enrich your customer database
  • Enhance the accuracy of your segmentation and targeting strategies
  • Instantly generate quotes, schedule appointments, and create reservations

CTX ads

Create interactive and more personalized experiences with your social ads to increase CTRs and conversions.

Easily integrate automated chat experiences with your Instagram, Facebook and Line ads to increase meaningful engagements that lead to sales and conversions.

  • Initiate conversations to provide additional information about your products, services, promotions, offerings, etc…
  • Serve personalized product suggestions on the fly
  • Capture qualified leads with automated forms
  • Dynamically offer promotions, special offers, and quizzes